How To Become a Change Maker in Family, Fitness, and Finances Feat. John Berardi

It’s easy to think you’re doing the right thing when you throw yourself into one area of life. But it’s also easy to lose focus on the things that matter most.

Dr. John Berardi is an international speaker, author, coach, researcher, and professor. He’s known for taking the fitness and coaching game to a whole new level with Precision Fitness, but he’s also a master at developing family and finance.

Beyond his estimated million words in publication, John has an extraordinary way of showing up for his family and leaving room in the margins for fostering meaningful relationships.

He joins Vince in today’s episode to get to the root of what it takes to be a changemaker where it counts.

He shares his incredible journey with Precision Nutrition, how he keeps his priorities in order and the amazing way he approaches his relationship with his children to make sure he’s being the best dad he can be.

He also shares an exercise you can do right now to make sure you’re stacking the odds in your favor when it comes to being successful.

Don’t miss this conversation if you’re ready to start showing up where it matters, being intentional, and taking your life to the next level.

“For ambitious people, the peak of the mountain always gets higher.”
-Dr. John Berardi