How Failures, Live Events and Real Estate Will Change Your Life Feat. Kent Clothier

What happens when you spend more than a decade building your reputation and leading your industry from the helm of eight- and nine-figure companies, only to have it all torn away?

After a devastating blow, Kent Clothier was just the right amount of broke: he had lost it all, except for the $1,000 he invested in real estate education that would change the course of his life.

Since flipping his first property in 2003 and founding Real Estate Worldwide, Kent and his team have helped 20,000 entrepreneurs navigate the real investment space to generate wealth and create a lasting legacy.

He joins Vince in this episode to share how he went from burnt bridges to generating lifetime cash flows for his clients and leading a wildly successful mastermind.

He also digs into the importance of keeping your family as your top priority and shares an incredibly moving story that changed his perspective on time forever.

You don’t want to miss his powerful journey or his insights on live events, real estate, and working your business one day at a time.

“Do not live in fear of failure. Live in fear of regret.”
-Kent Clothier