How to Turn Your Mess Into A POWERFUL Message Feat. Yahya Bakkar

In the face of uncertainty, feelings of rejection, and moments of hopelessness, how do you react? Through every messy moment of life, you have the opportunity to embrace the unknown.

As a world class speaker, one of the most genuine family guys you’ve ever heard, and a wildly successful speaking coach, Yahya Bakkar has the 5 Ms of Manhood down — but it wasn’t always that way.

From using his childhood trauma to fuel his drive to change his family’s legacy, to answering the call to leave his pre-med track in the last semester, Yahya has become a master at trusting the process.

Through gratitude and trust, he’s learned that loving is more important than being right, and that faith will always be more powerful than having the answers.

In this episode, Yahya sits down with Vince for an incredibly raw look into how he’s been able to transform mess into a message over and over again.

Grab a box of tissues; you’re going to need them for this powerful story of resilience, growth, and liberation.

“Suffering is when you want what you don’t have. Gratitude is when you want what you already have.” -Yahya Bakkar