How To Create A Successful Podcast Through Intentional Relationship Building Feat. Travis Chapell

How can you go from no audience, no contacts, and zero trust in your industry to having personal relationships with the top players in the game?

After dominating sales in several companies, Travis Chappell decided he wanted more. Having no network and no clear path forward, he threw himself into personal and entrepreneurial development, eventually finding himself at the home of John Lee Dumas.

Since establishing that one relationship, the scope of his network has skyrocketed.

He teaches the secrets to massive network growth and building genuine relationships on his Top 25 Business podcast, Build Your Network, where’s he’s interviewed the likes of Grant Cardone, Amy Porterfield, and Ed Mylett.

Today, he’s sharing those secrets and more with Vince.

They not only dig into the fundamentals of networking building, but also the foundation of good sales and persuasion to develop your emotional intelligence and confidence.

You’ll hear exactly how Travis was able to build a personal relationship with John, how he got on Grant’s calendar, and how you can leverage the same strategies.

He also explains why the time is NOW to reach out to your heros — no one is unreachable with the knowledge he drops in this episode.

“Your network will always increase in direct proportion to the amount of value that you can add to other people.”
-Travis Chappell