How to Run A Successful Mastermind with Michael Zeller

What does it take to stand out in the trendiness of masterminds and create a truly transformational experience?

Michael Zeller is leading the rising generation of entrepreneurs to create sustainable, scalable, and globally impactful businesses with his Rising Stars and Accelerator Masterminds.

Having trained under the likes of Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson, and having built more than ten businesses generating over $100 million in combined revenue, he is the go-to mentor for young entrepreneurs looking to level up their business game.

He sits down with Vince in this episode to explain how he’s helping members experience massive breakthroughs by creating uplifting environments, teaching them to optimize their energy, and empowering them to be the architects in their businesses.

If you’re tired of the feast or famine cycle and are ready to stop being a slave to your business, you can’t miss what Mike is telling his students. And if you’re looking to build a mastermind of your own, get ready for an incredibly valuable inside look into how he and Vince structure their programs for maximum success.

“You are a human being, not a human doing.”
-Michael Zeller