THE Masterclass on Finding Your Dream Mentor Feat Richard Yu

How can you get tens of thousands of dollars worth of mentorship, all for free? Richard Yu, a twenty-year-old UCLA student, hacked the system and has been working with Vince this summer in exchange for building skills and relationships that will see massive lifetime returns. Last year, Richard was faced with a choice: did he want to continue on his pre-med track in search of stability, or did he want to become an entrepreneur in search of a life of impact? He laid the question at God’s feet and what has happened since is nothing short of extraordinary. He joins Vince in this episode to share how his persistence and genuine curiosity landed him in front of Gymshark CEO, Ben Francis, then on a call with Joel Marion, and finally at the right hand of Vince himself. You’ll hear exactly what he said to Vince that got him an internship, how he’s brought value to the team every day for months, and how he’s leveraging everything he’s learned in his new business. This is the most valuable podcast you’ll hear today. Don’t miss it!

“There’s always going to be people out there who have more knowledge than me and it’s in my best interest to go learn from them rather than do it on my own.”

– Richard Yu

The 7 Deadly Traps Costing Entrepreneurs Time, Money and Energy (TORONTO 7-FIGURE MASTERMIND)

There are seven traps that entrepreneurs routinely call into that cost them time, energy, and profits. If you’re getting stuck in any of them, you’re not alone, but there is a way out. In this special episode, Vince is bringing you inside his Seven Figure Mastermind with his talk on sidestepping these common pitfalls. You’ll hear how you’re being enslaved by the very things you turn to for escape; you’ll learn why there are some things you absolutely should not outsource in your business, and you’ll get insight on the real reason so many entrepreneurs fail. People pay thousands of dollars for this experience. Take notes and don’t miss your chance to get this information for free.