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Never Peak. The best is yet to come.”


Vince is known as the Premier Go-To Online Fitness Business Coach, due to his outstanding track record in building thriving fitness businesses…

He is the founder of both the 7-Figure Mastermind and 6-Figure Coach Program; these organizations are designed to help entrepreneurs already making 6-figures scale to the million-dollar level, as well as teach beginner fitness entrepreneurs just starting out on how to get to their first $10K/month in 100 days.

Never Peak. The best is yet to come.”


How to Turn Your Mess Into A POWERFUL Message Feat. Yahya Bakkar

In the face of uncertainty, feelings of rejection, and moments of hopelessness, how do you react? Through every messy moment of life, you have the opportunity to embrace the unknown.

As a world class speaker, one of the most genuine family guys you’ve ever heard, and a wildly successful speaking coach, Yahya Bakkar has the 5 Ms of Manhood down — but it wasn’t always that way.

From using his childhood trauma to fuel his drive to change his family’s legacy, to answering the call to leave his pre-med track in the last semester, Yahya has become a master at trusting the process.

Through gratitude and trust, he’s learned that loving is more important than being right, and that faith will always be more powerful than having the answers.

In this episode, Yahya sits down with Vince for an incredibly raw look into how he’s been able to transform mess into a message over and over again.

Grab a box of tissues; you’re going to need them for this powerful story of resilience, growth, and liberation.

“Suffering is when you want what you don’t have. Gratitude is when you want what you already have.” -Yahya Bakkar

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How to Run A Successful Mastermind with Michael Zeller

What does it take to stand out in the trendiness of masterminds and create a truly transformational experience?

Michael Zeller is leading the rising generation of entrepreneurs to create sustainable, scalable, and globally impactful businesses with his Rising Stars and Accelerator Masterminds.

Having trained under the likes of Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson, and having built more than ten businesses generating over $100 million in combined revenue, he is the go-to mentor for young entrepreneurs looking to level up their business game.

He sits down with Vince in this episode to explain how he’s helping members experience massive breakthroughs by creating uplifting environments, teaching them to optimize their energy, and empowering them to be the architects in their businesses.

If you’re tired of the feast or famine cycle and are ready to stop being a slave to your business, you can’t miss what Mike is telling his students. And if you’re looking to build a mastermind of your own, get ready for an incredibly valuable inside look into how he and Vince structure their programs for maximum success.

“You are a human being, not a human doing.”
-Michael Zeller

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The ORGANIC Client Attract Blueprint with Tony Stephan

Can you get to seven figures without paid ads?

Using his Client Attraction Blueprint, Tony Stephan is dominating the game with organic traffic. And since he’s not relying on paid ads, his cash flow is freed up to invest in opportunities that will create more impact and income.

Tony is a Registered Dietitian and the founder of I Believe Mentorship for RDs and nutrition experts who want to bust through their limiting beliefs and out of their earnings-capped careers.

He joins Vince in today’s episode to share how he gets 100% of his traffic organically, the one strategy he uses to get a 95% call show-up rate, and what he teaches his clients that are creating massive breakthroughs.

You’ll also hear great advice for overcoming objections before they arise and how to deal with your aversion to investing.

Tony has built a company that proves these strategies work. Tune in to hear how he’s doing it all while holding true to his values.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” -Tony Stephan

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Monetizing Your Message with “The Profit Accelerator” Allyson Byrd

Get ready to get uncomfortable.

Affectionately known by her clients as the Profit Accelerator™, Allyson Byrd is about to light you up to create huge changes in your life and business.

As a teenager, Allyson came to realize that she had a gift not everyone is blessed with: money speaks to her. She’s spent years developing her gift in a way that allows her to serve while affording her the room to live authentically.

If you’re ready to develop your own gifts and live authentically yourself, it’s time to invite some discomfort into your own life.

Through her proven methodologies, Allyson creates the best membership sites in the world for her referral-only clients and helps other entrepreneurs develop and monetize their message. She teaches revolutionary sales strategies and drops the hottest one-liners you’ve ever heard.

Today, she joins Vince to pull back the curtain on how she develops the currency of connection, how she went from a 15-year-old dropout to one of the top earners in the country, and how you can become effective in your marketplace.

If you’re listening in the car, be prepared to pull over, because Allyson is on fire and you can’t afford to miss the gems she drops in this episode.

“Sales is about inventing a possibility for people that they didn’t know existed until you showed up.” – Allyson Byrd

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The Art of Enrollment with Eli Wilde

If you’re still trying to generate sales by convincing potential clients of your value, you’re wasting your time. In this episode, Vince sits down with Eli Wilde, the creator of Wilde Influence and the top-performing corporate trainer for Tony Robbins. Eli’s a genius when it comes to sales and he believes when you show your prospective clients why they need your value rather than trying to convince them of your value, you’ll begin to experience greater and greater success. You’ll also learn the 9 pivotal questions to help you deliver solutions to problems instead of products for sale. If you want to create irresistible offers, this is the episode to listen to!

“First you need to lead yourself and then your family before you ever start thinking about leading a business.”

-Eli Wilde

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THE Masterclass on Finding Your Dream Mentor Feat Richard Yu

How can you get tens of thousands of dollars worth of mentorship, all for free? Richard Yu, a twenty-year-old UCLA student, hacked the system and has been working with Vince this summer in exchange for building skills and relationships that will see massive lifetime returns. Last year, Richard was faced with a choice: did he want to continue on his pre-med track in search of stability, or did he want to become an entrepreneur in search of a life of impact? He laid the question at God’s feet and what has happened since is nothing short of extraordinary. He joins Vince in this episode to share how his persistence and genuine curiosity landed him in front of Gymshark CEO, Ben Francis, then on a call with Joel Marion, and finally at the right hand of Vince himself. You’ll hear exactly what he said to Vince that got him an internship, how he’s brought value to the team every day for months, and how he’s leveraging everything he’s learned in his new business. This is the most valuable podcast you’ll hear today. Don’t miss it!

“There’s always going to be people out there who have more knowledge than me and it’s in my best interest to go learn from them rather than do it on my own.”

– Richard Yu

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