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Never Peak. The best is yet to come.”


Vince is known as the Premier Go-To Online Fitness Business Coach, due to his outstanding track record in building thriving fitness businesses…

He is the founder of both the 7-Figure Mastermind and 6-Figure Coach Program; these organizations are designed to help entrepreneurs already making 6-figures scale to the million-dollar level, as well as teach beginner fitness entrepreneurs just starting out on how to get to their first $10K/month in 100 days.

Never Peak. The best is yet to come.”


Why I Do What I Do

Vince unpacks how his recent visit to the $100m Mastermind, in addition to an encounter with YouTuber Evan Carmichael, forced him to reconsider his “why.”

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How To Become a Change Maker in Family, Fitness, and Finances Feat. John Berardi

It’s easy to think you’re doing the right thing when you throw yourself into one area of life. But it’s also easy to lose focus on the things that matter most.

Dr. John Berardi is an international speaker, author, coach, researcher, and professor. He’s known for taking the fitness and coaching game to a whole new level with Precision Fitness, but he’s also a master at developing family and finance.

Beyond his estimated million words in publication, John has an extraordinary way of showing up for his family and leaving room in the margins for fostering meaningful relationships.

He joins Vince in today’s episode to get to the root of what it takes to be a changemaker where it counts.

He shares his incredible journey with Precision Nutrition, how he keeps his priorities in order and the amazing way he approaches his relationship with his children to make sure he’s being the best dad he can be.

He also shares an exercise you can do right now to make sure you’re stacking the odds in your favor when it comes to being successful.

Don’t miss this conversation if you’re ready to start showing up where it matters, being intentional, and taking your life to the next level.

“For ambitious people, the peak of the mountain always gets higher.”
-Dr. John Berardi

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How Failures, Live Events and Real Estate Will Change Your Life Feat. Kent Clothier

What happens when you spend more than a decade building your reputation and leading your industry from the helm of eight- and nine-figure companies, only to have it all torn away?

After a devastating blow, Kent Clothier was just the right amount of broke: he had lost it all, except for the $1,000 he invested in real estate education that would change the course of his life.

Since flipping his first property in 2003 and founding Real Estate Worldwide, Kent and his team have helped 20,000 entrepreneurs navigate the real investment space to generate wealth and create a lasting legacy.

He joins Vince in this episode to share how he went from burnt bridges to generating lifetime cash flows for his clients and leading a wildly successful mastermind.

He also digs into the importance of keeping your family as your top priority and shares an incredibly moving story that changed his perspective on time forever.

You don’t want to miss his powerful journey or his insights on live events, real estate, and working your business one day at a time.

“Do not live in fear of failure. Live in fear of regret.”
-Kent Clothier

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How to Turn Your Mess Into A POWERFUL Message Feat. Yahya Bakkar

In the face of uncertainty, feelings of rejection, and moments of hopelessness, how do you react? Through every messy moment of life, you have the opportunity to embrace the unknown.

As a world class speaker, one of the most genuine family guys you’ve ever heard, and a wildly successful speaking coach, Yahya Bakkar has the 5 Ms of Manhood down — but it wasn’t always that way.

From using his childhood trauma to fuel his drive to change his family’s legacy, to answering the call to leave his pre-med track in the last semester, Yahya has become a master at trusting the process.

Through gratitude and trust, he’s learned that loving is more important than being right, and that faith will always be more powerful than having the answers.

In this episode, Yahya sits down with Vince for an incredibly raw look into how he’s been able to transform mess into a message over and over again.

Grab a box of tissues; you’re going to need them for this powerful story of resilience, growth, and liberation.

“Suffering is when you want what you don’t have. Gratitude is when you want what you already have.” -Yahya Bakkar

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How To Create A Successful Podcast Through Intentional Relationship Building Feat. Travis Chapell

How can you go from no audience, no contacts, and zero trust in your industry to having personal relationships with the top players in the game?

After dominating sales in several companies, Travis Chappell decided he wanted more. Having no network and no clear path forward, he threw himself into personal and entrepreneurial development, eventually finding himself at the home of John Lee Dumas.

Since establishing that one relationship, the scope of his network has skyrocketed.

He teaches the secrets to massive network growth and building genuine relationships on his Top 25 Business podcast, Build Your Network, where’s he’s interviewed the likes of Grant Cardone, Amy Porterfield, and Ed Mylett.

Today, he’s sharing those secrets and more with Vince.

They not only dig into the fundamentals of networking building, but also the foundation of good sales and persuasion to develop your emotional intelligence and confidence.

You’ll hear exactly how Travis was able to build a personal relationship with John, how he got on Grant’s calendar, and how you can leverage the same strategies.

He also explains why the time is NOW to reach out to your heros — no one is unreachable with the knowledge he drops in this episode.

“Your network will always increase in direct proportion to the amount of value that you can add to other people.”
-Travis Chappell

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