How to Use IG TV to Generate Good Quality Leads

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If you need to generate high-quality leads fast without a ton of ad spend or complicated content creation, you have to start taking advantage of IG TV. Today Vince comes at you from the 6 Figure Mastermind private Facebook group to give you the exact blueprint he’s been using that’s brought massive ROI. You’ll hear how to structure your videos, the secret sauce that gets viewers to act, and advice on closing those deals once they’re in your inbox. You’ll also get some actionable tip as Vince answers questions and lists tons of resources for questions submitted by mastermind members, including how to get more narrow in your niche, get past your current roadblock, and start building a team. You really cannot afford to miss this episode. “You’ve got to be prolific with your content and you need to continually make offers.” – Vince Del Monte   Slide Into The DM On Instagram To Talk Want Some M5 Apparel Sent to Your Door? Head over to iTunes, leave a review, and slide the screenshot into my DMs with your home address. Want All Day Energy? Find It Here Vince Del Monte’s 7-Figure Mastermind Give Me 2 Days And I’ll Show You How To Build A 5-, 6-, and Even 7-Figure Online Fitness Business – Even If You’re Starting From Scratch LAST CHANCE THIS YEAR Timestamps: 5:07 – Face time matters: Why you can’t rely on the DM or Facebook to close high-ticket deals 11:01 – Why you need to polarize if you want to monetize, and how niching takes care of most of your marketing for you 12:50 – The best way to build trust and get good leads, plus the number one trait of a good leader 15:07 – The simplest and most effective lead-getting strategy that you aren’t taking advantage of 17:44 – How to structure your IG TV videos if you’re ready to generate quality leads and huge income opportunities 20:09 – Find out the one simple change that’s helped Vince and his team profit $40K so far this month with only $12K in ad spend  23:32 – The one thing you must-do if you want to close on your offers 26:39 – What you need to do if you’re finding yourself at a roadblock and aren’t sure what the next step should be 28:18 – How to find solid team members by reaching out to your network   Resources: Sell it Like Serhant How to Sell More, Earn More, and Become the Ultimate Sales Machine  by Ryan Serhant Frank Kern’s podcast, Your Next Million Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone The Closer’s Survival Guide: Over 100 Ways to Ink the Deal by Grant Cardone    Connect with Vince: Facebook  Instagram  YouTube Email

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