10 More Takeaways from High Ticket Influencer with Dan Lok (Part 2 of 2)

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It’s time for you to move the needle in your business and start creating waves with your brand, and Vince is going to help you do both. He recently attended Dan Lok’s two-day world-class intensive experience, High Ticket Influencer, and came back with stacks of strategies that will create a domino effect in your business. In the second installment of this two-part episode special, he gives you 10 more key takeaways from the invite-only event. You’ll hear the weird secret that’s helped Dan grow his empire, the 8-figure mindset you need to adopt today, and the permanent fix to the feast-or-famine income cycle. You’ll want to listen to this episode several times to soak up these game-changing tactics, so turn up the volume and get started. “Your mission is to take attention and move it toward a beyond-trust relationship…  When this happens, you have a direct pipeline to profits. ” – Vince Del Monte   Slide Into The DM On Instagram To Talk   Want Some M5 Apparel Sent to Your Door? Head over to iTunes, leave a review, and slide the screenshot into my DMs with your home address.   Want All Day Energy? Find It Here   Vince Del Monte’s 7-Figure Mastermind Give Me 2 Days And I’ll Show You How To Build A 5-, 6-, and Even 7-Figure Online Fitness Business – Even If You’re Starting From Scratch Timestamps: 10:10 – Dan Lok’s bizarre secret to building an 8-figure, unsinkable organization 13:50 – Why the way you position yourself and present your expertise determines everything in your business 16:35 – You can’t hunt for income forever; here’s what you need to do instead if you want to scale and achieve massive growth 20:26 – The one mindset change you need to make to start playing the long-game 24:51 – The one permanent fix to client flow and income uncertainty that you need to start building TODAY 27:41 – What’s your cause? How to develop the single most important piece of your branding to attract true fans and build respect with your audience 33:01 – What you must focus on in order to create “beyond-trust” bonds that give you a direct pipeline to profits 34:55 – The mission you need to adopt in your business to eliminate guess work from your prospects 37:54 – The number one thing responsible for selling your high-ticket offers, and how to make it even better 40:21 – How to be the type of important person your clients want to invest in   Resources: Schedule a call with Vince! Dan Lok   Connect with Vince: Facebook  Instagram  YouTube Email VinceDelMonte7FigureMastermind.com

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